Products Pricing Workbook


Pages include:

  • Instruction Page
  • Hourly Rate Calculator Page
  • Raw Goods Costs Page
  • Build of Materials Page
  • Price List Page

Download the Excel version or access the Shared Google Sheet.

To edit the Google Sheet version, make a copy and edit your copy. Should you break any of the formulas, you can always view the original and repair your copy.

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Where do you even start when trying to determine what to charge for your handmade products?

This workbook will help you determine your costs of doing business, and suggests a wholesale and retail price. While a formula isn’t the only factor you need to consider when determining your prices, it provides a good starting point and ensures your expenses are all accounted for.

The entire workbook is unprotected so that you can edit as needed without restrictions.
That also means that you can break it!

You may safely enter data into cells outlined in orange. The tan cells contain formulas so avoid changing those cells…unless you want to edit the formulas.

The Instruction Page guides you through the workbook, step by step.

Use the Hourly Rate Calculator to determine how much you should pay yourself to reach your earning goals.

The Raw Goods Costs page keeps a record of your raw goods expenses and is used to populate other cells in the workbook.

Filling our a Build of Materials (BOM) for each of your products is essential to calculating the cost of producing your goods.

The Automated Price List is intimately tied to the BOM page and will auto populate your product list and cost. It will then use that information to calculate a suggested wholesale price and suggested retail price. You then can determine what your actual prices will be based on the suggested values AND your knowledge of your market and ideal customer.

The Crafted Products Pricing Workbook is a great starting point for pricing your handmade goods. The calculations can also show you where you’re losing money and ways to increase your profit.

If you find any errors or have problems using the workbook, please let me know.
I’ll do my best to fix any issues.

Customized calculators can be created for a small fee. Contact me for details.

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