Hide the WordPress Admin Bar

Want to hide the WordPress Admin Bar that appears at the top of your website when you are logged in? It annoys me, especially when I’m working on layout changes and the bar shifts everything down.

show the WordPress admin bar


Guess what? It’s super easy to get rid of…no coding required!


In your Admin Panel navigate to Users > Your Profile. Look for the “Toolbar” option and remove the check mark from that box. Scroll down and click the “Update Profile” button to save your changes.

Now refresh your webpage and the Admin toolbar is gone. Easy peasy!

hide the WordPress admin bar


You’re welcome! 🙂

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Add custom functions the easy way

It never fails. You’ve finally found the solution to your WordPress woes. You must insert lines of code into your functions.php file.

No way! No how! Not doing it! Instead, you resign yourself to just live with whatever issue you just spent hours trying to fix.

Well, if you want an easy-peasy solution, read on.

Custom Functions made easy!

The easiest way to add custom functions to your WordPress site is to install the My Custom Functions plugin by Arthur Gareginyan. It is the path of least resistance for non-coders. Plus, it’s just easier if you only have a handful of functions to add!

Install and activate the plugin, you will find a “Custom Functions” entry under the Appearance tab in your Admin menu.

The plugin provides an area where you paste any PHP code you want. It even provides a safety net to prevent you from breaking your site with syntax errors or bad code.

Now you can go forth and add custom functions without fear!
Okay, you can add custom functions with LESS fear 🙂

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